The Stories Begun

Here are the alphabetized links to my blogs about things all writers, especially us NaNo sprinters, struggle with and eventually conquer.  I struggle with them as much as anyone (why else would I have an entire category on my blog for “Mistakes I’ve Made”?) and hope that my struggles can help you avoid some pitfalls.  I’ve done other subjects as well, I just high-lighted these knowing what’s most difficult in my past NaNo experiences.  In addition, I’ll spend my time in November adding other subjects I feel I’ve neglected.  If you have any requests, let me know!

*DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert.  I’m a former English major who took writing classes from published authors.  This is as much me discovering my weaknesses and strengths as it is trying to help out those who may be having the same issues.*

Attention grabbers: the Hook

Blank page intimidation



Don’t sweat your symbolism

Dreaded deadlines

First person pitfalls

Getting back on the horse after a bad day

Goals (making and breaking)

Judicious use of conjunctions and fragments

Outsmarting ourselves

Panic is OK

Purple prose

Six easy ways to kill a story

Small characters

Sources of inspiration

The myth of writer’s block

Happy November, my novel writing friends!



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