The Stories Begun

MoiUltimately, I hate writing “About” pages.  This was not a skill I managed to pick up in school and I never learned to sustain talking about myself in the third person.

However, there are likely a few pertinent details to share, so I’ll try to press on, forgive me for the first person address.  I graduated with a BA in English Literature and a Classics minor in May 2010.  I managed to land a full-time job not too long after school, thankfully.  However, as it has nothing to do with my degree (curse of the English major), I keep track of craft and my artistic goals through my blogging.  This is also where updates on my faerie tale series Strains of a Sonant Storie will be occasionally posted.

Strains of a Sonant Storie is a twelve story series involving faerie tales that were instrumental in my educational choices (and my decision to pursue mythology as an adult), as well as being the inspiration for the title of the blog (The Stories Begun).  The vast majority of them are what I feel to be under-rated faerie tales.  The well-known tales I choose to use are, in my opinion, not well understood.  Strains began in the summer of 2008 and the first novella (I am writing each story in novella form first before extending to novel) was finished in the winter of 2009, a year and a half later.  I took a hiatus in 2010, and am beginning the second novella once more in 2011.  I hope to have it finished by the end of the year.

I also have a personal blog here (should you like to see what I write about when not concentrating on craft), a book review blog here with my elder sister (made for fun), and a personal book review blog here (made to track my 2011 New Year resolution).  Like I said, blogging is my way to keep up with craft.


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