The Stories Begun

{January 7, 2011}   Tippedy tappedy tap!

I love the sound of typing.  Despite the inherent irregularity within typing due to the spacing of keys and how often one uses certain keys, there is a beautiful regularity to the typing of some. I have barely left the stage of the hunt-and-peckers, due to several years of effort and training not to look at the keyboard for several seconds (not to mention an English degree that necessitated the shift).  I still do not use all five fingers.

Still, the sound is a comforting one.  Perhaps because I spend all day typing in two or three-key commands.  The longest information strings I type in are 12 numbers long, and that is a once a day occurence.  I like the constancy of true typing.  What I dislike about writing on the computer is the screen time.  I spend all day typing in two or three-key commands and inputting very short information strings, reading off the results, then beginning the process over.  I stare blankly at the screen, taking respite in what little I have available that does not look too much like not working, which means I have to remain on my computer most of the time.  I like my work – I do not like staring at a computer screen.  This makes going home and hopping on the computer to write . . . difficult.  I’m screen fatigued, but my fingers are just revving up to play.

Most of my solutions fall back on distinguishing work from play, and something I spoke about this summer: discovering the vital importance of my work.  I was able to rediscover much of that during NaNoWriMo (I highly recommend it to everyone), and some of it this week as well.  As I’ve immersed myself in revitalising my blogs–making them less of a hobby and more of a serious venture–I’ve found that I take myself a lot more seriously if I treat myself seriously in the first place.   Though, not too seriously.

Also, as I’ve begun a diet and been required to be much more detailed with my food preparation and tracking the consumption than before, I’ve found I’m managing my time significantly better.  It’s feasible, now, to put aside time to write daily.  I’m looking forward to fitting that into my schedule, though that has not been half so important as feeling like I’m actually doing something with my blogs instead of them just being something I sort of dabble with.

I guess the lesson I’ve learned is: go forth and do with purpose, if not a plan.  Plan without purpose tends to founder, but if the purpose is clear, and well understood, the plan will eventually fall into place.  In many ways, this has been well proved to me long before I realized it (essays, that’s all I’m saying).

New year, new challenges, new purpose, new plans.  And off we go!Cheers!


P.S. Barely scooching in for the Blog a Week challenge.  Hoping to resume the old schedule next week.  I’m excited.


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