The Stories Begun

{July 13, 2010}   Down and Out of Commission

My computer is not well. In fact, it is disturbing to look at. So this week, and possibly next week, there will be no proper blog. Instead, updates on the sad condition of my poor computer.

Today’s update: The bottom two fifths of the screen are non-functioning due to a spider crack that keeps getting bigger. The original damage only caused the bottom third to be obscured. I have called Dell and found out that their service is getting more expensive AND worse. Goody. The box that I’ll be shipping it back to them in (because I really have no choice, even if it is nearly 100 dollars more than the last time we had to fix the thing) is on its way to me. I am also not touching the computer, seeing as using it in its damaged condition seems to only be making it worse. This does not make sense to me, seeing as regular use of a computer should not effect more problems in the physical screen. A technological problem with the screen, possibly. A physical one? Not really. However, there is physical proof that my laptop is detrimentally affected by regular use. So, it has been put away for now. Cross your fingers for me, please!

P.S.  The only “I’m a writer” aspect to this blog is the fact that I used “effect” as a verb.  I know, I know, pathetic, but that’s a tough one to do for most people, even those who have an English degree.  It makes me happy that I’ve got it.


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