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{June 29, 2010}   T is for Thank You (and Tuesday).

It’s a Tuesday, and I’m finally able to write on my blog as intended!  Hooray!

So, what I’m writing about tonight is something that has been giving me (and my mother) quite a bit of frustration: the art of the thank you note.  Yup, that’s right.  I’m writing in my writing (as in craft) blog about thank you notes.

Why, you may ask.  Thank you notes are not craft.  Well, first of all, writing is writing.  There is an art to expression and, if I am to be successful, I can never allow myself to forget that.  Second of all, have you ever seen the acknowledgments section of a modern day book?  Forget the dedications, which are truncated little expressions of love.  The acknowledgments pages of modern day books (and liner notes in CDs) are merely a mass of thank you notes–most of them badly written.  And so, because the industry opened up that line of questioning (hah hah!  lawyer reference!!), I choose to follow it today.

It’s been about two months since my graduation, and my thank you notes are still not even begun.  I am a horrible person.  However, my reason for not doing them is decent enough: I want to hand-write every single one of them and send them via post.  E-mail seems so . . . ungrateful.  So my reason for being a horrible person are pretty good.

Part of the problem of hand-written notes is getting the time.  I have little.  The bigger problem is written communication is hard!  Hand-written letters are held to a different standard than e-mailed ones.  E-mail is casual (people can get away with abysmal spelling and abbreviations), letters are formal.  This is where “there is an art to expression” becomes a torture, rather than a proof of the worth of an English major.

Most of my thank you notes come out baby-ish, like the title:  Subject verb object.  Subject verb object.  Subject verb adverb/adjective (usually *shudders* very) object.  I come across as a four-year-old with good handwriting.  But over the years, I’ve gotten a little better and learned the most important thing about writing: write from the heart.  Thank you notes are a difficult thing to accomplish beautifully, but they rarely go amiss.  Why?  Because someone took the time to tell you they appreciate you.  They wrote, if a little simply, from the heart.

That’s what matters.  No matter what.


Edit 7/2:  Today was my birthday and I had quite a few people send me good wishes on Facebook.  Partially to prove my point here, and partially because I think a mass status is lame, I thanked each one individually.  Did some of them come out similar?  Sure!  However, I knew that they had each put forth the effort and so I had to do the same to feel right with myself.  It was one of the best birthdays ever.


kekes says:

I do agree they are rather hard to accomplish. Since my wedding I have successfully written and sent 4 thank you cards. No 5. I have many more written but the adressing of such seem to be the bame of my exsistence. I agree whole heartedly they need to be from the heart, as such tend to come out simple but that is not always horrid the most sincere thoughts do not always require a long and involved. Paper sometimes a simple acknowledgement of the gift/ presence and sincere thanks is all that is required 🙂

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