The Stories Begun

{June 1, 2010}   Stumble: The proverbial twisted ankle

On Saturday, I rode with my father and brother south to a privately owned large-group campsite that is still being prepped.  The campsite, which has been under construction for a year, needs to be ready by June 9th.  We were rushing.  A couple hours into the day, I stumbled on my way to picking up another bathroom stall door and twisted my ankle.  I walked it out, but it inhibited my movement and made working awkward for the rest of the day.

Much like Saturday, after a stumble, my writing tends to be awkward for a decent period of time.  In this case, my stumble has been too much technical writing of late.  I put my priorities on school (not a HUGE mistake) instead of on craft (the better choice) and created my twisted ankle.  I sat down to work on Scarlett and found that anything I wrote didn’t flow right at best and was horribly clunky at worst.

Part of my instinct is to put Scarlett down . . . again, just as the instinct is to rest a twisted ankle.  This is a bad choice.  Now, were the ankle sprained, I supposed the equivalent of truly abused writing, rest is the exact antidote.  But a twist is finicky.  If you rest a twisted ankle, it remains in pain.  Weight on it is actually a good thing for it.  It’s painful at first, and my writing will be painful to even look at at first, but eventually the added pressure will put my twisted ankle to right again.

I’m going to try and work on Scarlett a little bit every day now.  It may be the same part over and over again, but at least I’ll be realigning my creative self, bit by bit.  Or, that’s the hope.  If all goes well, I’ll have a paragraph or two to post next week.




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