The Stories Begun

{May 15, 2010}   Sporadic honor to the discipline makes a crappy disciple.

I am consistently inconsistent when it comes to blogging, but especially when it comes to blogging here.  You may have noticed I nearly doubled the amount of blogs on this page in the last couple weeks.  Yeah–a similar windfall hit my other blog, too.  I’m binge writing.  This is a bad sign of worse things to come.

Writing this year has been difficult, to  say the least.  I realized the other day that in the past year of schooling I completed not one, but two senior theses.  One technical, one creative.  The creative is the thesis of record.  The technical is the final project of an upper-level course on textual editing practices.  One of the appropriate projects for a technical thesis–which must be at least twenty pages–is the editing of letters or journals.  Seeing as the entire purpose of this class I took was to do just that, all five of us in the class completed the equivalent of two theses.  Thirty-seven pages of writing for the one class does not a happy camper make.  When you add in all the other writing for my classes that I had to do, I got tired of writing–for fun, for work, for school.  It was all a massive pain.

However, I have neglected one of the chief rules of writing in “taking a break” from my creative self: discipline.  Discipline is one of the most vital rules to any craft.  By binging, I am doing a disservice to myself and forming habits that will inhibit my work, probably sooner rather than later.  If I become one of the “inspiration only” writers, or only do it when I feel so inclined, I am going to ruin myself as an artist.  I will relegate myself to the status of hobbyist, with nothing more than undeveloped talent, getting more and more meager as it, too, goes wasted.

So today, I make a pledge.   I will finish up all those ridiculous loose-end blogs within the next week and begin again.  Once  a week (night to be determined), I’m going to blog.  On both my blogs.  If I feel like blogging more past that once, great.  If not, I’ve done my duty to myself and to my craft.  Eventually, that duty will become a pleasure and results will appear as if by magic.  Topics may be sparse at first, but I will rise to the enjoyable challenge.  Inspiration is over-rated.

See you again soon!



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