The Stories Begun

{May 15, 2010}   Sourcing

I hate it.  But I realize why it is necessary.  Partially because no one believes I’m as smart as I sound when I don’t cite my sources.  Mostly, though, because I’ve learnt the respect owed to those who came before.  I know, intimately, the blood, sweat, and tears that go into each piece I write.  I know hiding the haggard feeling that comes when you stop caring for your physical self in the pursuit of knowledge or a better intellectual self.  I know the pain that comes from not being able to create, and the sweet relief of once more taking on the biblical role of creator.  I know the cautious pride in that creation, hoping for some sort of approval that validates the effort, all the while telling yourself that that validation isn’t really necessary.

That’s why I have to source.  I cannot and will not steal these moments from others like me.  These are the moments that teach me to feel where the art resides in me.  How can I steal the most precious moments of life?

I hate sourcing.  It’s tedious and the rules are mercurial at best.

I love sourcing.  It’s a living testament to art.

Sourcing.  What shall I do with you?



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