The Stories Begun

{November 14, 2009}   Novella

Told you I’d be back soon!

So, the plan for Strains of a Sonant Storie was to write each adaptation out as a novel and go from there.  That’s still the plan, but a new step has been added, thanks to my experience writing my senior thesis.

When I went into my senior thesis project, I was not going to turn in a complete work.  I was going to turn in the first seventy (or so) pages of the first novel in Strains: Stefan.  (Stefan is an adaptation of ATU 425C, “The Beauty and the Beast.”  (For those of you who do not know what the ATU system is, another blog is coming, I promise–“The Beauty and the Beast” will do you for now.))  However, I was informed that I must turn in a completed work for my thesis, so I either had to change my project or turn in a novella of Stefan.

Well, I had spent the entire summer researching for Stefan.  And, furthermore, changing the project was going to anger quite a few people who had been told to expect Stefan.  Really, though, I just wanted to work on this so badly that I compromised and said I’d write the novella.  I was not a happy camper.

Fast-forward ten weeks.  I’ve completed the novella–OH MY GOSH!!!  Not only is my thesis complete (breathing deeply), but I have finished the first work within Strains and the experience was invigorating.  The feeling of a completed work is heady indeed, but a lot of what was so amazing about finishing Stefan was that I learned a lot about my characters within the process that I value knowing before I go into the novel writing.  In fact, the experience has been so good for Stefan that I intend to write all of the twelve stories within the epic (an epic is traditionally in twelve parts, or books, by the way–I’m not calling it an epic because I plan to turn this into a million word tome) in novella form first.

I love this kind of discovery.  Finishing Stefan felt so good, but I also need to leave it alone for a bit.  Having finished it, I can do that in good conscience.  I can move on to the next novella, and when that one is finished, I can take a break from it: come back to Stefan. This gives me the break that I need as well as the continual fun in writing that I love.  I am a fan of the novella, I highly recommend it.



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