The Stories Begun

{November 14, 2009}   It’s Started . . .

Well, here I go.  The blog of my writings has officially begun, how exciting.  And nerve-wracking.  And pathetically confusing.  Button pushing?  No problem!  Writing about my writing?  Here there be issues.  Thankfully, I just completed writing my Senior Thesis for my BA in English, minor in Classics (which I integrated)–the defense is still pending (eek!).  As part of that project, I had to turn in a critical analysis of my project, so I’ve gotten a small taste of exactly what it is like to write about one’s own writing in a scholarly situation.  Now all I need to do is accept, adapt, apply!  If only writing was so easy as saying.

The first project the blogosphere gets to meet is Strains of a Sonant Storie, the epic-lengthed series of adapted faerie tales.  The project was inspired by several different moments that culminated in a feeling that I needed to do this.  The first was the realization that, by and large, adults just don’t hold for faerie tales any more and that this is a problem.  Faerie tales are what inspire our childhood dreams, and those dreams are what inspire our adult goals and deepest hidden wishes.  Without that first inspiration, the dreams get less and less grand and the eventual goals sell ourselves short.  Second, faerie tales were never meant for children.  The myths of old were cautionary tales for adults, warning them against angering the gods.  The original faerie tales were told around the campfire to scare, or in the home amongst bored women who longed for an exciting life.  The adult themes have slowly been bled out of faerie tales, making them innocently benign and appropriate for children.  Much of the goal of this series is to bring back the adult themes.  We can handle them.  The last moment that brought about this series was the reading of a book, and my dissatisfaction with it.  The writing was fine, but several plot points felt off, and the book was still aimed at young teens.  I liked the book, but felt the author did it a disservice, underestimating it’s potential and therefore writing it “down.”

That was when I took up the gauntlet.  Here I am with the Stories begun.  I’m adapting them back, closer to the roots, so far as I can find them.  And I am loving just about every minute of it.

See you again, soon!



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